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R&d case 1
At the end of 2015, we cooperated with Mobike to develop the triangle booster circuit of intelligent lock buzzer. Our company has found that according to the circuit design of the client, the number of inductance turns is higher than that of high volume, and it has a high defect rate in mass production. Knowing that the client can not change the material, our team and the production staff will conduct the meeting in the workshop several times. In order to deal with this material, there are some hidden dangers in mass production. After many discussions and experiments, the defective rate of products is greatly reduced. When the customer is in full production in 2016, our company can complete the customer's order demand with complete quality and quantity.
R&d case 2
In 17 years, an LED lighting company in shenzhen contacted our company. There are two models of the same materials, which are limited in size and high in sense. Several of the company's companies were found to be flawed. Our company's r&d personnel have received the case and see that the space height and width of the client circuit board are limited. Double panel, both sides have the material, can only use the patch inductance. According to the customer's requirements, we designed a super - sized patch inductance. This inductance function is fully satisfied with the client's demand. In formal production of material for the money and the particularity of the specialized technical personnel tracking all the way, because the product of the large amount of sense, defective rate is high, improved product defective rate and effective control, and in an acceptable range.