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CDPQ Large Flat Coil Inductor
Product introduction
  The flat coil inductor is an inductor of a flat coil, consisting of a connecting foot extending at both ends of the coil part and a magnetic guide and cover body formed by die-casting of iron powder; Among them, the coil part is a flat coil type guide wire material, the two ends of which are connected to the foot in the direction of the external circuit guide, and an insulating cover body is inserted into the outer surface of the coil part and the connecting foot. Only a portion of the exposed foot is connected to the external circuit as an interface, so that the connecting foot is pre-formed and is placed in the guide seat together with the coil part.
Product characteristics
 ●Use flat lines。
●Inductor structure of shield type.

●The same size of DC resistance is the lowest.
●can ensure that the current resistance inductance value drop smoothly.
●It is suitable for the SMT process of reflux welding.
●The product is lead-free and complies with the RoHS Directive.
●To meet the demand of high current.
●For use in network, communication, power supply, electrical equipment, medical equipment, power supply of       DC/DC Transformers, etc., and other handheld electronic equipment flat coil inductors, high current power           inductors, DC on the power line DC rectifier application.
Product Size

Product Parameters