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The prospect of uniforming inductors is broad
●SMD Surface Paste Inductor
●Noise avoidance in one-piece molding structure
●The magnetic shielding effect of the fully closed structure is good, which can effectively reduce the ●electromagnetic interference.
●The same size as the lowest DC impedance
●can ensure that the current resistance inductance value drop smoothly.
●Application frequency up to 5MHz
●It is suitable for the SMT process of reflux welding.
●The product is lead-free and complies with the RoHS Directive.
●It is suitable for DC to DC rectifier applications on power lines in power supply, personal computer and other ●handheld electronic devices.
●It is suitable for high reliable requirements in the automotive, military, medical, aerospace and other industries.
   The emergence of integrated inductors is attributed to the development of computer motherboard technology and the development of power supply technology: CPU frequency is getting higher and higher, so there are high requirements for stable power supply and filtering, and integrated inductors solve this problem. It can work for a long time under the condition of high current and can supply power to the CPU stably. Of course, the most important role of the inductor is filtering. In this respect, the integrated inductance is not inferior. Good material characteristics and special design make the inductor structure more stable and lower impedance, so it has higher efficiency;
   The development of power supply technology has also promoted the development of inductance: industrial power supply, military power supply, etc.. As the volume of electronic products becomes smaller and smaller, the power becomes larger and larger, and the electronic components also develop toward small volumes and high power.